Writing Lesson Plans!

The Cure for IDK is Deep‘s collection of fool-proof lesson plans. All proceeds from sales go towards supporting Deep’s free after-school literacy programs. You can buy it online from Deep here or at Amazon here. Here are some recent reviews:

This is hands down the best book for teaching English I’ve seen so far! Too many books on teaching focus on vague teaching philosophy with no practical applications in the classroom. This book is the complete opposite! It has great ideas for engaging and thought-provoking lessons that work for every kid every time I use them. I teach juniors in an inner city school and this has proved to be an excellent tool to have. Students and administrators alike have been impressed by my lessons that were inspired by this book and the student work produced with these lessons has far surpassed anything they create if working through a textbook or something similar. A must have for every English classroom!” –Liza, 11th grade English teacher

“I’ve used the lessons in The Cure for IDK for several classes now. They offer a fun an innovative approach, not just to teach writing but to inspire it. As teachers, we should all know that inspiring our students is half the battle, and once inspired, the teaching part is that much easier. Each lesson integrates activities that will work with different learning styles – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic – so no student will be left out. And the lessons are as fun as they are effective, each activity leading to creative output that students are proud to share. While its aimed at middle schoolers, I’ve adapted lessons from the book for teaching even at the college level. A good method doesn’t have age limits. For anyone trying to teach and inspire writing, this book is essential, a valuable tool for your lesson planning shelf.” –Zach, English professor

My students and I are challenged and empowered by the lessons in The Cure for IDK every day. Using this book has enabled me to make the most daunting aspects of the writing process accessible to my young students, who love the IDK lessons. IDK has filled a void in curriculum options for teaching writing, and it is uniquely relevant because it has field-tested lessons with specific but flexible prescriptions for practical application in the classroom. The authors’ approach to teaching writing is extremely effective and fun, and the book has proven an irreplaceable tool.” –Joanna, ELA teacher

The Cure for IDK isn’t a typical lesson book. It is frank, funny, and full of lessons that are simultaneously entertaining and challenging. More importantly, it specifically appeals to middle school students–the bright-eyed eager beavers as well as the more apathetic adolescents. Each of the 36 lessons within fully integrates reading, writing, and oral presentation skills by offering interactive games, engaging reading selections, copious peer examples, and exciting writing prompts. The Cure for IDK shows students not just how to write but why they should want to–and how much fun it can be. Use these lessons individually, in units, or as a year-long weekly curriculum and watch your students’ love for literature grow. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to benefit the Deep Center, a nonprofit organization that offers free writing workshops to public school students in Savannah, Georgia. Deep is a community of teachers who teach together, learn together, and plan fantastic, fool-proof lessons together (the most successful of which you will find in this book).


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